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教育 メディカル
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NEW IN 2.0: Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine is now included. The audio output may be custom recorded (like in prior version), or automatically generated based on the caption text. User may select either female or male voice.

Adopted by school districts, SLPs, ABA teachers and educational centers world-wide, iPACS (interactive Picture Assisted Communication System) is our most popular, affordable and flexible tool for teachers in special education.

It allows any user to customize information in various orders/ groups, or forms, to address different educational needs. In its simplest form, iPACS could mimic (with flexibility and functions going way beyond) traditional PECS book and specialized Assistive Communication Devices which typically costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

In more advanced form, iPACS could be used for organizing drills, setup "my space", activity schedule, to name a few.

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